Simultaneous Interpretation

Sunday Worship is 11:30 AM

We are pleased to announce that we now provide simultaneous, or consecutive, interpretation to those who would like to listen in English.

This is possible with your smartphone and an app called, "AudioFetch." AudioFetch is free for both Android and iOS devices, smartphone or tablet. Please follow the instruction below.
  • First, this will require any smartphone or tablet that can download "AudioFetch" from either Google Play or App Store and a headset/headphone. pic03
  • Download, preferably in advance, the AudioFetch app. This is a free app and it has the following logo. pic04
    Do not download otherwise. If you are having difficulty please come to church a little bit early so that someone can assist you. Downloading this app may use your cellular data. Please check with your provider so that you do not go over your limit.
  • Bring your device and headphone to the church. Once you are at the church connect to WiFi named, "KUMC (SAP)." SAP stands for Second Audio Program.
  • If WiFi requires a password please use 7167774758
  • Please note while you are connected to KUMC (SAP) WiFi you will not have internet connection. You can continue to receive phone calls or messages using your data plan, if you have one.
  • Open the app. The app will automatically connect to KUMC audio channel. Please adjust the volume bar to your comfort.
  • pic05
  • Second Audio Program will begin when the the service begins.
  • If there is no sound try closing the app and launching the app again. To close or exit out of the app, click the 3 bar (menu) and click on "Close App" selection.
  • If exiting the app does not solve the sound issue, try closing the app completely and launch the app again. To close the app completely please refer to your device's manual.
Are you someone who is excited to serve as an interpreter? If you are bilingual in Korean and English, and have the desire to serve in this area, please let us know. We are looking for you! Come check out other volunteer opportunities.